Hi There...

My name is Erin McFarland...

When you meet me, I bet you'll notice these things:

        I'm short 



         I have a gap in my front teeth

                      I have cool eyes - so I'm told

There are some things that you likely won't notice:

        I'm a pretty happy person

              I got that wedding band in 2004

                             I believe in myself

                   There's dog fur on my pants

                        I'm always positive

These are some things that you really need to know:

     I'm super excited to meet you

               I know you're nervous, and it's okay!

   I will get carried away, and you can tell me to stop!

                          I truly love when you smile

       and appreciate that I'm the reason 

No script, a bit of a shot list, and a lot of unplanned random fun. This is your family spotlight! Photos are important and fun to share. Be goofy, be serious. I don't judge. You be you, I'll catch it on camera for a lifetime of memories. Give me a shout.  Lets do this.  


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Saskatoon, SK



Not all monitors are calibrated the same. If the images on this site appear dark, or off-colour, please check your monitors calibration. I want you to see the images as they were meant to be seen!

The sitting fee is due in full on the day of the shoot and any digital or fine art purchase is due upon ordering. 

Sorry no refunds once the photo session has occurred.


I reserve all rights to use any image for competition, display or advertising purposes.


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