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Hi There...

My name is Erin McFarland...

When you meet me, I bet you'll notice these things:

        I'm short 



         I have a gap in my front teeth

                      I have cool eyes - so I'm told

There are some things that you likely won't notice:

        I'm a pretty happy person

              I got that wedding band in 2004

                             I believe in myself

                   There's dog fur on my pants

                        I'm always positive

These are some things that you really need to know:

     I'm super excited to meet you

               I know you're nervous, and it's okay!

   I will get carried away, and you can tell me to stop!

                          I truly love when you smile

       and appreciate that I'm the reason 

No script, a bit of a shot list, and a lot of unplanned random fun. This is your family spotlight! Photos are important and fun to share. Be goofy, be serious. I don't judge. You be you, I'll catch it on camera for a lifetime of memories. Give me a shout.  Lets do this.  


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